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Overview: In Israel

My Connections with Arab-Israelis

In 2007 I was introduced, through a twist of circumstances that seemed like fate, to Jamal Assadi. Jamal, his wife Dalia, and their six children are natives of Deir al Assad, Israel, an Arab village in the northern Galilee. Jamal has his Ph.D. in English literature from Newcastle-on-Tyne University and is the senior lecturer in the Department of English at the Teacher's College of Sakhnin, an Israeli-Arab institution.

Martha and Jamal
Martha Moody and Jamal Assadi at the Deir al Assad town library, July 2010

Many Americans don't realize that the population of Israel is about 20% Arab, including Muslim and Christian Palestinians, Druse, and Bedouins. Jamal Assadi and his family are Muslim Palestinians.

Late in 2007 I visited the Assadi family and the College of Sakhnin wih a friend and one of my sons, and during that visit Jamal and Dalia and I cooked up a plan to perk up the summer for some children in their village.

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