Martha MoodyMartha Moody

Basic Writing Lesson #1

Write a real letter to someone you miss. Use details to describe what you remember/miss about them. If you’re stuck for details, think of your senses–sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell. Remember, sensory details call up the real world for your reader. And that’s where the reader lives.


Not good:

Dear Grandma, I miss you so much since you died. I really really love you and miss you. I used to love playing cards with you.



Dear Grandma, I miss you so much. I remember playing cards with you in the summer when it was too hot to move.


Better yet:

Dear Grandma, Remember the time we played cards in that summer rental on Lake Cumberland? It was too hot to move and Jerry knocked over his Coke and you grabbed the bottom of your shirt to wipe off the table. The cards were sticky after that but no one cared.